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Nigora Goats

     We raise Nigora goats, which are a dual purpose breed developed from Nigerian Dwarf goats and Angora goats. The combination provides a milk goat that also produces soft, creamy cashmere type fiber commonly referred to as "cashgora" fiber since it can have a curl and silky luster like an angora goat. It is perfect for blending with alpaca fibers for a beautiful, next-to-skin soft garment. Mohair is collected from Angora goats twice per year and is typically longer than the nigora fiber, with more luster and curl. 


     We've started our herd with top quality Nigerian Dwarf and Colored Angora genetics to produce quality Nigora animals with lovely fiber and milk production. All our animals are purchased from tested herds (CAE/CL/Johnes negative) and have been tested on our farm. We strive to produce healthy, hardy animals who require minimal foot care and parasite treatment. Our goal is that through quality management practices and careful genetic selection we will not need to use anthelmintic to treat for parasites.

                                                                  Bucklings $150-$500

                                                                  Doelings   $300-700

Contact us to join our reservation

     list for 2024 kids!                                   

                                                                  Price depends on fleece type, color, 

                                                                  generation, and pedigree

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